Rosy Smit

Rosy Smit
Position: Farmer
Education: M.Sc. Soil Science
Employer: Camp Korey at Carnation Farms, Washington, USA

What kind of work do you do?

I grow food at Camp Korey (a free-of-charge camp for seriously ill children), producing organic berries, vegetables and herbs for camper meals, onsite events and visitors, staff and medical personnel and for other non-camp related functions. I also carry out educational programming within the garden to teach campers and local school children about soils, food production, different varieties of vegetables, all in a fun hands-on way. They are thus exposed to a diversity of herbs, vegetables and edible flowers through touching, smelling and tasting varieties that they may not have tried before.

2. How is soil science a part of your job?

I farm on a flood plain that has excellent soils for producing vegetables but also has the propensity to flood or be saturated in the winter months. Therefore I need to put all my learned best soil management practices in play, so as to care for the soil structure, to build soil fertility, maintain good soil biological function and ensure that soil tilth is being improved.

What do you like most about your work?

I love working in the soil, growing healthy food and teaching about the importance of healthy soil!! At the beginning of every camper group session in the garden, I do an interactive exercise about soils, to get the children thinking about soil health, and to comprehend what a very important resource it is. It is very rewarding to educate campers, counsellors, medical staff, parents, teachers and visiting student groups about the importance of soils.