Johanna Curry

Johanna Curry
Position: Soil Chemist
Employer: Natural Resources Canada – Canadian Forest Service
Education: BSc (Chemistry)

How did you get started in science?

I enjoyed science in school. At university I had to decide which field I would enter. I enjoyed Chemistry the most. I especially enjoyed inorganic and analytical chemistry and that is just what I need for my soil science work.

Why do you think it is important to study soil?

Working in the Canadian Forest Service department we are concerned with how trees grow. For anything to grow it needs food and water. For trees this comes from the soil. I study the soil for nutrients. I also test for the type of soil and its pH. This is important to know what types of plants will grow on any particular soil.

What do you like most about your work?

I enjoy the variety in my work. I am in charge of the lab, so I organize the work. There are many different procedures to carry out and I can plan my workday around these procedures. I get to interact with research scientists, requesting analysis, and other technicians. I can make the day as stressful or relaxing as I want, within reason.